Group Play: Creation Group Tickets


After the Group will be closed, the group tickets will be created by

In order to create Tickets considers two main steps:


How to create the tickets


What numbers to take for the Tickets' creation

§ How the tickets will be created


To enhance your chances of winning multiple prizes will create group tickets by using a Wheeling Systems.

Currently we have two main types of Wheeling Systems: Full Wheeling System and Multi Combination System. Both consist of the variety of combinations with various types of warranty.


Appropriate Wheeling System will be chosen depending on:


Total amount of collected money in Group


Number of chosen balls


The guideline here is: to cover as many numbers as possible, to take system which provides as maximum warranty as possible for that amount of money and numbers that that current Group has.

§ How the Numbers will be chosen

Numbers for Group Tickets will be chosen only between your numbers on the following principle:


All customers' numbers will be ordered according to numbers' frequency   and will be taken to create the tickets regarding that.

Numbers with the biggest frequency will be taken first.


This chart means that number 26 was chosen 2 times, number 46 ? 2 times and so on.


For example:

If for the appropriate wheeling System will be necessary to have 15 numbers.


- in case players chose more than 15 numbers, first 15 numbers will be taken from the players numbers according to their frequency: 15 most frequently chosen by players numbers.

- in case players chose less than 15 numbers, all players numbers will be taken, the rest of the numbers will be taken randomly from the rest 49 numbers without already taken players' numbers.