Group Play: Join The Group


To join the group from the main menu select: : Group Play ->Join The Group Play.

  or Group Play ->"JOIN GROUP NOW" link:


To be a group player you should : make your contribution and pick 6 numbers you want to play.
§ Make a Contribution


On the Join Group Play screen you cam make a contribution in a group play(how much money are you going to play in current group) . You can make contribution, using a different payment systems or by paying from your Virtual Account, if you have enough money on it(more than $10).


The information regarding current state of Virtual Account is provided in parentheses.
Select type of payment you prefer and just click button .
§ Choose numbers

After the contribution is done you will receive the information about that and information about per cent value of your contribution in current group. From this moment you will have a possibility to choose numbers for group play.


Every player can choose 6 numbers; usually it is quite enough, because even in group of 6 players almost all numbers from 49 numbers will be picked.

As maximum numbers from numbers chosen by players will be played (depend on the collected money) it means that the variety of played numbers will be big enough. Select your numbers and click button .

You will see your name, contribution, percent, and numbers in the list of Group participants.

Percent means, that in case of successful play of the Group, you will receive exactly that percent of total Group Winnings. Money will be transferred on your Virtual Account.