Reduced Combinations System

A Reduced Combination System is a set of minimum combination that guarantees you a win whenever you match a specified amount of the winning numbers. Unlike a Full Combination System, this system provides you with a good chance of winning - without having to play every possible combination.

Even it doesn't guarantees the jackpot you could still win multiple prizes.


Below you see an example of a Reduced Combination System.


Each Reduced Combination System in the list shows you how many numbers are used, how many combinations(boards) are created, the prize guarantee and the combination's price. A prize guarantee: ? 5 correct numbers if 5 numbers are correct?, means that if 5 of the numbers played are correct, you are guaranteed to have at least one ticket with 5 matches.  


Even though an Reduced Combination System does not guarantee a first prize, it arranges your chosen Lotto numbers into scientifically determined sets of six that give you the highest probability of winning a prize, and guarantees one specific minimum prize if some or all of the winning numbers are in that group.


It's an economical way to increase your chances of winning. With fewer combinations to play, you can wheel a large amount of numbers at a reasonable cost and still have a win guaranteed. By being able to play more numbers, you greatly increase your chances of having more winning numbers. is using advantages of both Full Combination System and Reduced Combination System to create tickets for Group Play players.