Statistics: Settings
  From the main menu select: Statistics -> General Statistics  

Statistics will become your resource in your key decisions about analysis, custom wheels, ticket creation, and game management. It is easy to understand and easy to use.


This screen provides you with information about Frequency of numbers, Waiting Period of numbers, and Anticipated Numbers from the number of Draws you analyze.

F Tip : Total Draws in Our Database: shows you how many draws are stored in the Data Base.

In the field “Choose how many Draws to analyze” - type the number of Draws you are going to analyze. In this example there are 500.

F Tip : How many draws to analyze? analyze about 30-50 last draws; as a guideline 30-50 last draws will show all lottery numbers (1-49) that have dropped out at least 1 time.

In the field “Choose how many Anticipated Numbers” type how many Anticipated Numbers you want to see. In this example there are 5.


Click button . play6/ will analyze the last 500 Draws and provide information about Frequency, Waiting Period and 5 Anticipated Numbers, from these 500 Draws.


To see the Detailed information of General Statistics see Chapters:Frequency, Waiting Period and Anticipated Numbers.