Combinations System: Select Your Numbers
  STEP 3.  
  § Select Numbers Based on Analyzed Numbers
Let"s consider how it works.
Suppose you've selected 7 numbers to play the Combination System. You should now choose how many of latest draws you want to analyze in our Draws Data Base (default is 5).

F Tip : Total Draws in Our Database: shows you how many draws are stored in the Data Base.


F Tip : How many draws to analyze? analyze about 30-50 last draws; as a guideline 30-50 last draws will show all lottery numbers (1-49) that have dropped out at least 1 time. will calculate Anticipated, Hot and Cold numbers from the Draws you analyze. suggests you choose your 7 numbers as follows: 1 number chosen from Anticipated Numbers (see glossary), 3 numbers from Hot Numbers (see glossary) and 3 numbers from Cold Numbers(see glossary).

You can change the number of Anticipated, Cold and Hot numbers. PLEASE NOTE: the total amount should be equal to the same amount of numbers you chose previously.


After you enter your request click based on your request will provide you with numbers to play based on the internal database analysis. (see picture below: the analyzed numbers are checked )


Please Note: These analyzed numbers are only suggested numbers, and you can use all of them, some of them, or none of them. It is easy to deselect numbers if you want choose others.

After the numbers are confirmed and button is pressed the Combination System will provide a set of tickets generated with the numbers you chose. On the sample below you can see the results generated from the Combination System, for a total price of $14.00.
You can:
  § Choose how many draws you are going to play the same numbers
  § View Ticket for an actual view of the Ticket above or
  § for an actual view of all generated Tickets

The following is a sample of Extended View of Ticket (actual view):


Fill random the Ticket(all Boards), Edit, Delete or Print Tickets by clicking on corresponding buttons  :  Random TicketClear Ticket, Delete Ticket, Print Ticket.


Notice: If you edit tickets that were created through the Combination System, you should take into account that all corresponding guarantees on those tickets will no longer be valid.