Combinations System: Select Your Numbers
  STEP 3.  
  § Select Your Favorite Numbers
  § Select numbers by directly clicking on them
  § Choose Quick Pick - numbers will be randomly selected by computer
  § Clear Board - delete all selected number
  § Cancel - stop filling the Board and Return to the Ticket
  § OK - to confirm selected numbers for this Board
After the numbers are confirmed and button is pressed the Combination System will provide a set of tickets generated with the numbers you chose. On the sample below you can see the results generated from the Combination System, for a total price of $14.00.
You can:
  § Choose how many draws you are going to play the same numbers
  § View Ticket for an actual view of the Ticket above or
  § for an actual view of all generated Tickets

The following is a sample of Extended View of Ticket (actual view):


Fill random the Ticket(all Boards), Edit, Delete or Print Tickets by clicking on corresponding buttons  :   Random Ticket, Clear Ticket, Delete Ticket, Print Ticket.


Notice: If you edit tickets that were created through the Combination System, you should take into account that all corresponding guarantees on those tickets will no longer be valid.