Combinations System: Settings
  STEP 1. From the main menu select: Combinations System  
  STEP 2.Select Create Full Combinations or Create Reduced Combinations for Combinations System.
A Full Combination System is a playing strategy covering all possible winning combinations of the selected numbers. It arranges the group of numbers into systematical order and enhances your chances of winning multiple prizes.
A Reduced Combination System is a set of minimum combination that guarantees you a win whenever you match a specified amount of the winning numbers. Unlike a Full Combination System, this system provides you with a good chance of winning - without having to play every possible combination.
On this screen you have to select two main settings for the Combinations System:
First - Select from the pop-down menu how many numbers you want to play in group .
In case of Full Combination System :

F Tip :A combination is…

1 combination fills 1 Board of a Ticket.
1 combination=1 Board
from 6 numbers Full Combination System creates 1 combination
from 7 numbers Full Combination System creates 7 combinations
from 8 numbers Full Combination System creates 28 combinations
and so on…

For example: 8/ 28 combination means that you can select 8 numbers for your game and the Combination System will wheel them, giving you 28 combinations or 28 Boards – filling almost 3 full Tickets.

In case of Reduced Combination System :
Each Reduced Combination System in the list shows you how many numbers are used, how many combinations(boards) are created, the prize guarantee and the combination's price. A prize guarantee: “ 5 correct numbers if 5 numbers are correct”, means that if   5 of the numbers played are correct, you are guaranteed to have at least one ticket with 5 matches.  

F Tip : You can calculate the amount of played money simply by multiplying the number of combinations by the price of one Board. This will help you to decide what system to select.

Second - select which method of combination types you want to use for this group
It could be your favorite numbers - you select these numbers yourself
It could be a group of numbers generated by based on Analyzed Numbers does statistical analysis and provides you as many numbers as you choose as the first setting for the Combination System. Of course, these are only suggested numbers: you can use all of them, some of them, or none of them.
  § It could be Random Numbers - numbers randomly selected by computer

Click   and go to Board's Window to select the numbers. On the next screen( In case of Full Combination System) you will find the View Guarantee, click to see TABLE OF POTENTIAL PRIZES PER GAME . This will inform you of the prize categories you would have won if 2,3,4,5 or 6 numbers were played from the group of numbers you chose. So… go to the STEP 3 and select the numbers.