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Terms and Conditions

Under the terms of this Agreement the Customer authorises and appoints to act as its agent in the payments corresponding to the purchase of entries by the Customer and, subsequently, upon receipt of the monies, the payments less commission or other charge or payment as set out in the terms of this Agreement.

Charges will be according to the fees stated on this site.

It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that correct instructions are given to to affect the purchase of tickets. will accept no liability for any errors that may have occurred. cannot be held liable for any lost or delayed transactions caused by the failure of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporationcomputer or for any other computer or communications fault that may occur in the transaction of this business. cannot be held liable for any late notification of entries for a particular draw. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that their orders are placed in time for a draw and that they are aware of the cut-off times for the draws. All cut off times are clearly displayed on the site.

Customers will receive a confirmation to acknowledge the purchase of a ticket. cannot be held liable for entries lacking a purchase confirmation. A lack of confirmation will result in a ticket not been purchased and therefore not participated in the Lottery.

Late payment will result in no purchase of tickets being made for the next applicable draw, but will then be used to effect purchase of tickets for the next consecutive draw.

Customers who wish to amend or cancel their purchased ticket are required to contact the support center. shall act as group manager in collection of prize monies. These monies shall be paid to you less any interest that may have accrued thereon and the 5% agency fee within 28 days of receipt from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation at that time.

A Customer may not purchase tickets or claim prize monies if the Customer is under the age of 18.

The ticket is purchased on behalf of the Customer subject to the rules for on line games and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation game procedures. is neither associated with The National Lottery nor endorsed by Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

The winnings amounts of the Lottery game are those published by Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation at that time.

All Payments on this site using a credit card will be debited with the transaction within 3 days and it will appear on your billing statement as

All international payments issued by shall be calculated in accordance with the exchange rate for US Dollars as determined by the Royal Bank of Canada on the day on which the payment is made in favor of the payee. Winnings are paid back to the card, where winnings exceed the original card purchase value, the difference is paid by cheque or bank transfer.

We recommend that customers should print out transaction data, rules of the game and payment methods and keep them in an easily accessible place .

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Terms and Conditions

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