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Glossary of Terms
The following definitions will help you understand some of the terms used in our site.
ANALYSED NUMBERS These are suggested numbers compiled after a statistical analysis has been done. ANTICIPATED / HOT / COLD numbers = 20% / 50% / 30% of total suggested numbers to play.


Are those numbers that have not been drawn for a long period of time. The longer elapsed time, the more anticipated the number.
BONUS BALL After the regular 6 numbers are drawn, an additional number is drawn from those remaining. This is a Bonus Number and is used by lottery players to win additional prizes. It is the seventh ball drawn in the Canada Lotto 6/49. Matching 5 numbers and the 'Bonus Ball' wins the second highest prize; by matching only 2 numbers plus the Bonus Ball wins a $5.00 prize.
COLD NUMBERS Numbers drawn less frequently during a particular period of time are referred to as Cold Numbers, and will vary during different periods of time.
COMBINATIONS Method of combining your choice of numbers in groups of 6, selecting numbers up to a maximum of 23. Example: 7 numbers will result in 7 combinations in groups of six.
CORRECT NUMBERS These are your played numbers that match drawn numbers.
DRAW The Lottery results.
EASY PLAY Enter your favourite numbers and print tickets. Check the results of your played tickets.
EXTENDED TICKET VIEW A colourful, enlarged view of an actual ticket.
FAVORITE NUMBERS Your chosen favourite numbers.
FREQUENCY The total number of times each number has been drawn during a particular period of time (including the bonus ball).
FULL COMBINATIONS SYSTEM This system is a playing strategy covering all possible winning combinations of the selected numbers.
HOT NUMBERS Hot numbers are those numbers drawn the most frequently during a particular period of time, and will vary during different time periods.
LAST TWO DRAWS Results of the last two lottery draws.
MAIN NUMBERS The first drawn, six winning numbers are called Main Numbers (or regular numbers).
REDUCED COMBINATIONS SYSTEM A set of minimum combination that guarantees you a win whenever you match a specified amount of the winning numbers.
ODDS Ratio indicating the chance of winning. The chance of winning a Lotto 6/49 game is 1 out of 13,983,816!

A full listing of all possible pairs of numbers with information on how often each pair is drawn.

PLAY One board on the ticket.
PRO PLAY Pro Play is for advanced users. You will be able to create your own tickets using your favourite numbers or The Combination System. Pro Play gives you the opportunity to analyze and view all historical statistics from the data base based on your preferences.
QUICK PICK A random selection of numbers made by computer.
QUICK VIEW View of ticket in table format.
RANDOM NUMBERS Numbers selected randomly by computer.
RANDOM NUMBERS GENERATOR A computer program used to randomly select numbers for combinations.
TO WHEEL To play the 'Combination System'.
TRIPLES Are the most often drawn triples .
WAITING PERIOD An average time interval (games) between the appearance of any number.
COMBINATIONS SYSTEM A way of organizing and playing a set of numbers to improve the chances of winning multiple prizes.

Glossary of Terms
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