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Security When Playing With
With respect to our data security:
o We do not sell or exchange customer information to third parties.
o Information that you provide to uswill not be sharedwith other organizations for commercial or review purposes.
o Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job can access members' information.
o You can play with complete confidence. No one else will be advised of your entry into or your prize winnings, except you.
o In the event that you close any on-line account you have with, your personal information will be deleted.
o Your information is stored and protected off-linein servers that store all participants' information. Servers are kept in a secure environment and protected by password, known only by a system administrator.
o Your information is protected on-line: Transactions utilizing your bank account details and debit card details will be protected with the best encryption software - SSL. You are guaranteed SSL-Encryption by the presence of a Locked/Closed-Padlock icon on your Browser.
o Secure on-line payments are hosted by either iPayit Gateway . Credit card payments made through our site are submitted directly to iPayit payment system for authorization and processing.

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